Yearly Review – 2018

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who was involved with python36 in the past year to make it what it is today. The domain name was registered on December 25th, 2017. Looking at the love and support everyone has shown, it is unimaginable that we started only one year ago. And with this post, we would like to present our yearly review.

  • We published 33 new articles for the first year on five different topics: Tensorflow, Python, OpenCV, Machine Learning, Data Science with Tensorflow being the most popular with 14 articles and python close second with 10 articles.
  • There has been a total of 612 approved comments across all articles. Thank you all for showing such support and we are glad that we have been able to address questions, comments, and queries in the comment section.
  • On our facebook page, we had 3815 likes and 3910 followers in the past year. We have seen increasingly high engagements on our facebook posts as well as solved your various python related queries through facebook messaging.python36 - facebook likes
  • We have had more than 200,000 users on and over 470,000 pageviews on all our articles and pages with most of our visitors coming from United States (24.94%), India (17.39%) and China (5.66%).  Thank you for the tremendous love and support.pytorials - unique pageviewspytorials - total userspytorials - users by country
  • Most of our visitors land on the website through Organic Search (78%) with Direct acquisition (13.7%) being the close second.pytorials - user aquisition
  • We have also allowed opened the blog for guest articles allowing users a platform to share their knowledge with all the visitors who regularly visit the website. More information on how to get your own post published can be found on this page.
  • Lastly, we would like to announce that we have moved the website domain from to And on the occasion of one year anniversary for python36, we have decided to keep the website ad-free for until the end of January.

We would like to thank our authors, visitors, guests authors, users on facebook, and everyone involved with in the past year and hope we continue to receive same love and support from everyone. Your response and feedback encourage us. Keep visiting us.

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